Discontent. I hope the spirit of the Bard excuses me for usurping the lines of Richard the III, late, whose ignominious burial was under a parking lot in London. (Talk about hated!) His words seem to sum up the general miasma of the beginning of this 2015 March with my colleagues who have had a most trying start to said month along with myself.

To Caesar it was said ” ‘ Beware the Ides of March…’ ” That is tomorrow in the year 2015. I am of the opinion that if it does not get better, being sleep deprived in the name of ‘commerce’, then we should all best ‘beware’. We are all short on temper, short on sleep and short on compassion.

This should lend you entry to my mindset of late. I have scrapped a painting project that I have been studiously persevering on since October and am in the process of reclaiming the large, expensive 40″ X 30″ canvas to begin another design of the same subject: A man who is pushed to the nether-realms of emotional pain and his efforts to either live with it or end it in a most horrific, but enlightening way. The course of creativity has never ran smooth, I don’t believe and to say this course I have set myself upon to portray has would be a lie. I am reassessing the geometric perspectives of this enticing subject, set amid Louis XVth period furniture and the opulence of the subjects surroundings. it is a challenge and I am always up for challenges whether it is on a Chessboard or on a canvas!

Other than this, comes this strange Winter of 2014-2015 in which most of the country of the United States, including my corner of upper East Tennessee, has been buried under record snowfalls and incarcerated inside our houses for most of the month of February. I do believe we would be more content if NOT for the advent of the damnable ‘Daylight Savings Time’, which I hate with a particularly vindictive nuance. Those of you who are ‘night owls’ along with me share my gut hatred of the three word abomination.

I do not know that Richard the III’s spirit ever knew where his body was buried in so lowly a spot only to be found in the year 2014 or not, but at least he did not have the indignity of having to give up an hour of his life every Spring. Things he does have to his credit is the fact Benedict Cumberbatch, a fellow kinsman genetically, has played him in a show. Also we have his autopsy to see how he did die. (I will always wonder what possessed the man, scoliotic as he was to relieve himself of his armor at such a time. Not the smartest move in the world!) I hope it does set his spirit to rest more now that his body will be given the respect his peers clearly deemed it did not deserve upon his death. Rest well, Richard, while we adjust to losing another hour of the lives we are eking out in 2015!

May the creative ‘Force’ be with you all! Sleepy in Hancock County Tennessee.