IMG_3876Snow days are days of contemplation and days of work for me as I love to paint. They are not idle days of downtime. They are days filled with the smell of oil paints, thinner (which in deference to everyone that lives in my house takes the place of my preferred aroma of true turpentine) blank canvases, brushes, pa-latte’s and palette knives.

i never want for inspiration living here in Eastern Tennessee, a beautiful corner of the world. My imagination soars in paintings of things that I love: the worlds of Preston and Child’s Pendergast, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody Emerson and Tomb Raider, not necessarily in this order. I have several Art competitions I wish to enter in 2015 and I also have some Art students to enter in educator and student contests. There is always worlds to create on canvas, Bristol board and drawing paper.

As the February winds the snow across our back yard in the blinding sunshine, heralding the approach of bitterly cold weather, I can not help but think of the prospect of our electricity going out. I think too of the workers who have to work outside in these conditions with sympathy and concern. Here’s hoping that we get through this bitterly cold spot safely, warmly and without fatal incidences.

Everyone stay warm out there!