I have committed myself to sharing a poem a day for my New Years Resolution. Today is a ‘thought’ full of promise. Whether or not we seize it is up to us. Oft times I have not. I hope to carpe diem this 2015! I hope you do enjoy looking at my Artwork and reading some poetry (an art of the use of words in a most sublime manner). My Galleries shall be added to as I work.

I am an oil painter primarily and unless it is a sketch, commissioned drawing or a series of Pen & Inks I am doing, I am SLOW. So sit back. Enjoy the ride and thank you for visiting my Blog. Comments are welcome.

A thought went up my mind to-day

by Emily Dickinson

A thought went up my mind to-day
That I have had before,
But did not finish,–some way back,
I could not fix the year,

Nor where it went, nor why it came
The second time to me,
Nor definitely what it was,
Have I the art to say.

But somewhere in my soul,
I know I’ve met the thing before;
It just reminded me–‘t was all–
And came my way no more.